Length Controls

The Versa LC-2000 Length/Batch Process control provides a convenient, accurate means of measuring products and triggering the cutting process. The LC-2000 can be programmed to perform time-based cutting, or encoder based cutting using a wide variety of encoder types and measuring wheels, providing whatever degree of cut length accuracy is required. In addition, the LC-2000 includes a batch control system for easy, automated processing of batch quantities.

Electric Eye Length Controls are also available for cutting parts ranging in length from 1 1/2” (38 mm) to 24” (610 mm).

LC-2000 Length/Process Control Literature

Dancer Controls

Mechanical and Ultrasonic Dancer Systems are available to synchronize the system speed to that of an upstream puller or the extruder. Ultrasonic dancers help to normalize elongation or compression in elastic materials to assure cut length accuracy and repeatability.  Our Digital Ultrasonic Dancer System with three preset loop heights makes setup quick and easy.

Transport Conveyors, Ejectors, and Sorters

Versa Machinery transport conveyors, ejectors and sorters can solve a wide variety of material handling challenges. A perfect match for On-Demand or Flywheel cut-off systems, transport conveyors offer labor savings by automatically stacking cut parts. High speed mechanical sweep arms or high velocity air automatically removes products from the transport conveyor into a box or tray. Unique packaging or sorting systems can be created. When combined with Versa control systems, labor is saved by allowing one operator to run several lines at a time. Versa Transport Conveyors can be retro-fitted to most Versa systems.


  • Saves labor in packaging and handling
  • Compatible with most existing Versa systems
  • Programmable to meet production needs
  • Various sizes and ejection methods available to suit application needs
  • Transport speed can be automatically synchronized
  • Built-in air regulation and filtration
  • Keyed to cut signal – no need for critical electric eye adjustment or belts
  • Low pressure/high velocity air nozzles or air knives minimize shop air requirement

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