Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Cutters

The most important measure of a cutter’s accuracy is the variation in its delay time. A difference in delay time between cut cycles will yield a difference in length between products. The variation of the Versa DAC system has been measured at +/- 0.2 milliseconds, a degree of accuracy that ensures the highest achievable cut length tolerance with an electro-mechanical brake and clutch cutter.

  • Model 60—1″ dia. cutting capacity; 400 cuts/min; 125 in/lb max cutting torque; 1300 RPM blade speed
  • Model 75—2″ dia cutting capacity; 550 cuts/min; 290 in/lb max cutting torque; 850 RPM blade speed
  • Model 80—3″ dia. cutting capacity; 225 cuts/min; 605 in/lb max cutting torque; 820 RPM blade speed

System Features:

  • Energy efficient drip-proof AC motor
  • Precision timing belt for maximum power transfer
  • Low inertia knife holder
  • Hardened gears with non-repeating gear engagement
  • Split bearing blocks for easy access maintenance
  • Totalizing piece counter