Servo Cutting Systems

Versa Machinery offers “On-Demand” servo cutters that operate at cutting rates up to 400 cuts/minute and Adaptive Cutting Technology (ACT) servo cutters that can operate at cutting rates to 2,000 cuts/minute.

On-Demand Servo Cutters:

  • 1″ (25 mm), 2″ (50 mm), and 3″ (75 mm) diameter capacity offered
  • Cutting rate 0 to 400 cuts/minute
  • 220 in/lb cutting torque
  • Blade speed selections 1,000 RPM, 1,500 RPM, and 2,000 RPM

ACT (Adaptive Cutting Technology) Series Cutters:

    • 1″ (25 mm), 2″ (50 mm), and 3″ (75 mm) diameter capacity offered
    • ACT software allows for operation up to 2,000 cuts/min
    • 240 in/lb cutting torque
    • User adjustable RPM blades speeds for on-demand cutting
    • A 6″ color touch-screen interface makes setup and operation quick and easy
    • ACT (Adaptive Cutting Technology) software automatically selects the proper operating mode based on line speed and cut length data entered by the operator. The system operates in the following modes:


On-Demand cutting – 0 to 400 cuts per minute. The knife is parked 180 degrees from the cut location. When triggered it rotates, cuts the material and stops, parked in the same position to provide the highest degree in cut length accuracy for on-demand cutting.

Cam cutting – 401 to 800 cuts per minute. For relatively high speed cutting, the knife rotates between the normal park position and the cut position at full speed. It then slows but does not stop as it approaches the normal park position. The speed of the cam action is computer controlled, and electronically linked to the speed of the feeder, allowing precise control of cut length.

Flywheel cutting – 801 to 2,000 cuts per minute. For very high speed cutting, the knife rotates at the same velocity throughout its full sweep. The rotational speed is computer controlled, calculated from the cut length and line speed. The cutter is electronically linked to the feeder for continuous adjustment should the feeder speed vary.

Servo Systems Features:

      • Precise blade park repeatability.
      • Cutter actuation repeatability within 35 microseconds provides the most accurate cutter performance in the industry.

      • Consistent torque throughout entire blade speed range
      • With no wear parts Servo Cutters are ideal for Clean-room applications.
      • Noise is reduced to a very low level.
      • Maintenance free cutter operation provides years of consistent performance.
      • Easy to operate and troubleshoot
      • The cutter blade is attached directly to the motor shaft


ACT Servo Systems Additional Features:

      • A 6” color touch-screen interface, makes setup and operation simple and easy
      • Batch control, piece counter, and line speed indicator are all provided on the touch-screen interface

  • Optional operator alert system can signal the operator as the end of a batch is approached
  • Programmable knife speed for On-demand and Cam mode cutting