Flywheel Cutting Systems

Flywheel cutters are used for high speed cutting of materials to short lengths. Typical applications are washers, spacers, gaskets, and nozzles. Systems use the energy of a heavy duty, rotating flywheel to cut at speeds up to 1,500 cuts per minute with a single knife. Flywheels are available with holders for up to 8 knives for cutting speeds up to 12,000 cuts per minute. A new, quick change knife package allows the operator to preassemble knives in knife holders, to minimize down time when changing knives.

An AC frequency drive system provides a constant rotational speed for the cutter flywheel. A highly accurate servo drive system is used to control feeder speed. The cutter is electronically linked to the feeder for precise control of cut length.

Flywheel Cutting Systems are offered with pinch-roll feed, a 2″ X 9″ or a 2″ X 18″ caterpillar feed.