ACT Servo Cutter/Servo Feeder Systems

Versa Machinery’s ACT (Adaptive Cutting Technology) software allows a wide range of operation on its Servo Cutter/Servo Feeder systems. Versa ACT systems feature the highest speed processor used in a flyknife system, resulting in the highest degree of cut length accuracy. The Servo Feeder is electronically linked to the Servo Cutter, providing continuous feedback of line speed and part position. This allows precise cut length control over a wide range of lengths and cutting rates.

Versa ACT systems provide continuous cutting at up to 2,000 cuts/min. An easy to use 7” color touch-screen interface allows the operator to set the cut length, line speed, batch quantity, and batch alert count. The system automatically selects the correct operating mode for the application. The system chooses from three operating modes, on-demand, cam, or flywheel to provide consistent cutting of part lengths, for the manufacturing of anything from thin washers to long lengths of hose. All Versa ACT systems contain a “Cut” signal output jack for use with a downstream air ejector and a remote speed control jack with both digital and 0 to 10 VDC analog inputs to allow speed control from a laser gauge, mechanical dancer, or ultrasonic dancer.

See table for a list of common ACT Servo Cutter/Servo Feeder System configurations.