On-Demand Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Systems

On-Demand systems allow the operator to specify a wide variety of cut lengths. Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Systems are dependable, highly efficient, and provide a high level of cutting torque.

These systems include the Versa Digitally Actuated Control (DAC), a microprocessor based, pulse modulated circuit which is unaffected by variations in temperature or humidity. The DAC circuitry provides a degree of accuracy and repeatability that assures the highest achievable cut length tolerance with an electro-mechanical brake and clutch system.

Versa Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch cutter heads are mounted on a common table with a precisely controlled pinch-roll or caterpillar feed.  Systems can be configured with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or Servo Drive.  Each system includes an easy to use, LC-2000 Length/Batch Process Control system for measuring the desired cut length and triggering the cutter.  The LC-2000 can be configured ot provide one measurement pulse for every 0.002″ or 0.010″ of material movement.

See Cutter, Puller, and Accessories pages for further details on the components these systems.
See table for a list of common On-Demand and Servo Cutter System configurations.