Versa Servo Minicutter

The new Servo Minicutter provides greater cut length accuracy, higher speed cutting, additional cutting torque, and the elimination of belts, and pulleys for cleaner, quieter operation.

  • Continuous cutting at speeds up to 450 cuts per minute
  • Up to 1500 in-lb cutting torque
  • Reliable Servo motor provides maintenance free cutter operation
  • 3/4” (19 mm) maximum tube diameter capacity

Download the PDF literature on the Servo Minicutter
See our Versa Minicutter II System.

The Versa Servo Minicutter automates On-Demand cutting of small diameter tubing or profiles. It can be used for either off-line or in-line cutting of extruded rubber and plastic products. The system allows the operator to select the cut length, line speed, and batch quantity. The machine will automatically stop when the batch set-point is reached.

Versa Machinery cutters are designed to provide many years of reliable cutting performance in a wide variety of applications. Versa products are assembled by skilled craftsmen, using the highest quality materials, machined to precise standards. Versa engineers can provide recommendations for the best methods to feed, cut and process your materials.