Company History

Versa Machinery was founded in 1949 by Mr. James Caulkins. Mr. Caulkins operated the company for 43 years, developing new technology that allowed improvements in cut-to-length accuracy and repeatability for the plastic and rubber extrusion industry. The company focused on designing durable equipment that would provide many years of reliable service in industrial applications.

In 1992 Versa Machinery was sold to Killion Corporation. Killion and the Versa product line was then acquired by Davis-Standard Corporation in 1994. In July of 2002 Davis-Standard Corporation sold the Versa Machinery product line to one of its Manufacturer’s Representative agencies, Jeda Equipment Services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Versa Machinery operations were relocated to Elkhart, Indiana. On January 1, 2003 the company was purchased from Jeda Equipment Services by a newly formed Corporation held by a group of the existing employees. The company is now held and operated by Versatile Automation Technologies, Inc. It continues to do business under the name Versa Machinery.