About Us

Versa Machinery is a leading manufacturer of high quality, cutters and pullers for the rubber and plastics extrusion industry. The company’s product offering covers a range of applications from small diameter medical tubing to field drainage pipe, from refrigerator gaskets to window seals. They are used to manufacture rubber and plastic profile extrusions with accurate cut lengths, both on and off-line.

Versa Machinery offers a full line of pullers with either pinch roll or caterpillar feed. A wide selection of caterpillar traction widths and lengths, as well as pulling forces, allows customers to choose the design best suited to their application. Individual cutter heads are available with electromechanical brakes and clutches or servo motors. Cutter heads are available for cutting materials up to 6 inches (150 mm) in diameter.

For optimum productivity and cut length accuracy, complete systems are offered, combining a puller with a cutter head, electronically linked for efficient, accurate cutting of product lengths from 0.01″ to 9999.99″ (0.25 mm to 254 meters). For high speed cutting of shorter length products, flywheel cutter/puller systems are offered, which allow up to 12,000 cuts per minute and feed rates up to 300 feet/minute (91.4 meters/minute).

Rugged and reliable, Versa machines are built for the industrial manufacturing environment, where equipment uptime is crucial to profitability. Versa Machinery has been serving the extrusion industry since 1949. Versa products are still operating after over 40 years in service.